It is an important day for the bride, makeup and hairstyle of the bride is done by the professionals, so therefore she needs to look special. It is quite possible to get inundate wide variety of options for Indian bridal hairstyles. You will need an equally perfect special day hairstyle to go along with it.  It is believed that every bride wants a perfect hair especially on her special day. Every bride wants everything is up to the mark, so that it could help them to achieve the perfect look on their wedding day, so that everyone’s eye are on the bride. If your bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress, allow them to select their own hairstyle and accessories to inject a little of their own personality and style into their outfit.  

While you are busy figure out of a thousand things about your bridal look, we rounded up a collection of some of the best different bridal hairstyles for wedding to inspire you for your big day. There are many hairstyles for brides like traditional buns with single coloured flower, messy buns, buns with gajra, artistic buns, buns with multicoloured flowers, braided bun, buns with puff, buns with beautiful ornaments, long french braids, bubble braids, open hair with flowers, open hair with hair accessories, etc. Explanation of the different hairstyles of bridal are-

TRADITINAL BUNS– Buns are forever classic hairstyles for everyone to option for any wedding ceremony. Gajras on buns or trying different flowers like roses add charm and other stylish hair accessories to the hair.

MESSY BUNS– Buns with a little twist and tied them in different angles to give a messy look or a fresh look. Now-a-days, this hairstyle among the bridesmaids are trending a lot.

BRAIDS WITH TWIST– When we talk about braids it is the old traditional braids images that come to our mind. But this is different from the old ones with a modern twist.

LOOSE HAIR OR OPEN HAIR– Leaving the hair loose with simple curls or just straighten them gives magnificent look. It is done either long or short hair, best way to flaunt them is by keeping them loose or pin them with some beautiful accessories.

UNIQUE BUNS– These buns include different buns, not the old traditional ones but the new buns with modern touch on them. Twisted in some patterns and give unique shapes to give a magnificent look to the brides hair.

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